We empower you to visualize digital risk and reduce your ever-changing attack surface.

SOCRadar Digital Risk Protection Platform

Hardened with targeted cyber threat intelligence – automated and supported by a global team of qualified intelligence analysts – providing unparalleled visibility, management and protection of digital risks.

SOCRadar; Broad Sources, Rich Context
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Continuous Digital Footprint Discovery

While your business grows every day, your digital footprint enlarges in cyber space as well. SOCRadar’s DAM helps you to discover all these digital footprint including domains, subdomains, IP addresses, IP ranges, social media accounts, employees etc.

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Detection of 3rd Party Extensions

3rd party extensions and open source services widen your attack surface. Hackers often exploit vulnerabilities of those software. DAM enables organizations to detect 3rd party extensions, CMS and other open source software used in their assets.

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Social Media Discovery and Monitoring

There is a certain increase in social media accounts that include malicious links. These accounts pretend to be your official social media accounts to lure people to phishing domains. DAM scans social media platforms to detect such malicious accounts.

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Phishing Attack Detection and Mitigation

Hackers use phishing domains to target not only your customers, but also your employees to infiltrate into your systems. TCI detects fraudulent domains and follows take-down procedure to remove those domains from cyber space.

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Code-Sharing Site Monitoring

Developers love to share their codes to help each other. However, this innocent act may result in critical attack. Not every code is for share. TCI monitors code-sharing sites to alert you when any piece of code that points to your assets or organization is shared.

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Deep Web, DarkNet Monitoring

Web is deeper and darker than you think. Hackers usually share their tactics, techniques, and procedures in the forums that reside in deep and dark web. TCI continuously monitor hackers forums and chatters and alerts you when your organization’s name is mentioned.

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DNS Hijacking Monitoring

Hackers hijack DNS records to redirect DNS queries to their malicious websites. CPM alerts on DNS Hijacking/Redirection attacks by continuously monitoring your DNS records and searching for any change in them.

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Detection of Subdomain Takeover

When a registration of a domain that is resolved by a subdomain is expired, bad actors may register the domain and take full control of subdomain. CPM monitors subdomain records on a daily basis to detect subdomain takeovers.

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Website Hacking / Defacement Detection

CPM monitors your websites for any change made in them by checking any change in the contents. It provides notifications for the detected changes to prevent malicious code injections or defacement of the website.

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Quantifiable Value For All

SOCRadar delivers quantifiable operational, strategic and tactical benefits to the security teams in the form of risk reduction

Better forecasting of cyber risk with ROI in mind

Identify&neutralize the threats with actionable context

Respond rapidly to incidents with actionable insights

Prioritize patching by laser-focusing on your digital footprint

Improve the efficiency by automation of manual tasks

Immediately operational

Immediately operational

Hitting the ground in hours, discovering, monitoring and alerting without requiring any input

Reduced licensing costs by asset optimization

Choose from the discovered assets only you want to monitor to reconcile license costs with real needs.
Reduced licensing costs by asset optimization
Professional security services available

Professional security services available

Ready to work with clients to identify and remediate threats, helping them build in-house skills and expertise.
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Customizable feature set based on the
Cyber Threat Intelligence and
Digital Risk Protection requirements
For organizations with specifically defined digital risk monitoring requirements
Dark Web Monitoring
Continuous Attack Surface Discovery
Zero Day Vulnerability Tracking
Data Leak/Credentials Monitoring
Phishing Domain Detection
Customized Twitter Monitoring
GitHub Monitoring
DNS Infrastructure Monitoring
Basic API Support
Takedown Services
Data Leak Detection
IP Blacklists Monitoring
For enterprises with advanced attack surface management, asset discovery, 24/7 monitoring and alerting requirements
HUMINT Support
Full API Support
Threat Actor Monitoring
VIP Credentials Monitoring
Risk & Threat Scoring
Unlimited User Accounts
Stolen Credit Card Monitoring
Advanced Remediation Services
Certified TIA Support
Targeted Malware Detection
For major organizations with custom-tuned threat intelligence, remediation and human analyst requirements

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