3rd Party Risk Visibility

Exploring risk from a wide business perspective

3rd parties have been recognized as the root cause of many notable cyber breaches and are a primary target for threat actors, introducing additional risks and vulnerabilities into an organization’s environment.

3rd Party Risk Visibility

Although these are not direct risks, this helps organizations to understand the security risks while communicating with different business partners. This further helps organizations in establishing additional security controls on those communications to perform aggressive monitoring on data exchanges with the business partners. Today, like never before, executive boards are considering third-party risk as a top strategic risk.

SOCRadar Platform allows security teams to check the digital risk of the organization's whole ecosystem including 3rd partners / vendors and build threat models to defend against fraud networks that will damage the organization's brand reputation.

The first step is often the hardest stumbling block — getting visibility into who the organization is doing business with. Once companies starts to gain visibility, they start to think about managing the risk related to these third parties they’ve identified, concentrating and prioritizing their efforts on those that pose the highest risk.

Prevent any potential regulatory fine regarding 3rd parties