Brand Protection

Detecting fake infrastructure and fraudulent accounts.

SOCRadar Digital Risk Protection solution looks beyond your perimeter to protect your hard-earned brand reputation and customer trust.

Brand Protection

The protection of your organization's brand is an important goal. Misusing the brand can cause severe damage to the reputation of an organization. Engaging with your customers across web, social media and mobile apps is perfect for digital presence however this multi-channel presence also exposes your organization to digital brand risk.

Secure Your Brand

Threat actors masquerade as your brand to draw the attention of your customers, employees or business partners with phishing, scams, and fake goods. No matter what tactics they use, digital fraud damages your brand. SOCRadar discovers and facilitates takedown of fake social accounts and mobile apps, as well as fraudulent domains, including those set to use in a phishing attack campaign.

Comprehensive Protection Anywhere Online

Threat actors use a wide variety of tools to hijack social media accounts of major organizations to publish malicious content on behalf of their brand, distribute malware, and more. SOCRadar protects your brand from the result of social account takeovers. The platform monitors your organization's official social media profile and alerts you for any unauthorized changes such as twitter background image, profile picture or even abnormal increase in the daily posts.

Integrated TakeDown Service

SOCRadar Digital Risk Platform's benefits extend beyond alerting to remediate threats rapidly to your brand and business across digital channels. Strong business connections and reputation empower SOCRadar to provide broad and effective takedown capabilities saving time and resources.

Would you like to protect your brand, people and data?