Continuous Perimeter Monitoring (CPM)

Monitor any change in internet-facing assets including your website and social media accounts

  • Whois Record Change Control
  • Domain Expiration Control
  • SSL Expiration Control
  • SSL Vulnerability Control
  • Rogue SSL Certificate Detection
  • DNS Record Change Control
  • Subdomain Changes and Controls
  • Detection of Subdomain Takeover
  • DNS Records Hijack Monitoring & Domain Shadowing

Be Aware of Any Change in Your Domain Records

Continuous Perimeter Monitoring

Large enterprises own hundreds of domains and subdomains and each one of them needs to be monitored for domain expiration, SSL expiration, SSL vulnerabilities, changes in DNS and Whois records. Otherwise, the control of your sub/domain may be transferred to a third party. SOCRadar’s CPM provides all these controls on behalf of you and also search for rogue SSL certificates, DNS record hijacking, and subdomain takeover.

  • Uptime Control
  • Social Media Control
  • Tracking Login Forms and Fields
  • Website Continuous Malware Check
  • Website Hacking/Defacement Control
  • Web Server Header Info Change Control
  • CMS Detection & Vulnerable Plugin Usage
  • Website 3rd-Party Javascript Change Control
  • Web Server Software Version Tracking and Vulnerability Notifications

Continuously Monitor Your Website From Security Perspective

Continuous Perimeter Monitoring

Any change in your website may indicate a malicious activity. SOCRadar’s CPM continuously monitor your website for defacement, malware, changes in javascripts used at the website. With CPM, we also check for CMS and plugins, web server versions, web server header information, login forms and dynamic fields and detects possible vulnerabilities.

  • DNS Server Security Controls
  • Critical Port/Service Detection
  • DDoS Amplification Target Detection
  • Dynamic New Asset Detection
  • SMTP Server & MX Records Blacklist Control
  • Border Protection Device (WAFF/IPS) Monitoring

Harden Your Perimeter Security

Continuous Perimeter Monitoring

SOCRadar’s CPM helps organization to see the level of their perimeter security by monitoring border protection devices, checking DDoS resiliency, detection of critical port/service. CPM also provides new asset detection to understand the full scope of the perimeter.