Digital Asset Monitoring (DAM)

Discover your digital assets. Be aware of newly added ones. Monitor them 24/7.

  • DNS Records
  • SSL/TLS Certificates
  • IP Addresses and IP Blocks
  • Domains Related to The Organization
  • All Subdomains Associated With Related Domains

Discover Internet-Facing Assets

Digital Asset Monitoring

While your business grows every day, your digital footprint enlarges in cyber space as well. SOCRadar’s DAM helps you to discover all these digital footprint. DAM continuously monitors an organization’s digital footprint and sends notifications when a new asset is discovered or in the case of any change in DNS records and SSL/TLS certificate situation.

  • Network Services
  • Open Ports and Services
  • Login Forms and Dynamic Login Fields
  • 3rd-Party Extensions
  • CMS and Other Open-Source Software

Understand Attack Surface

Digital Asset Monitoring

Malicious actors try to infiltrate an organization’s system from any point at the attack surface such as an open port that should not be visible. They exploit vulnerabilities on the services used, login forms, 3rd-party extensions, and even CMS and other open-source software.

  • Employees
  • Mobile Applications
  • Social Media Accounts
  • Security Devices

Digital Footprint is More Than You Think

Digital Asset Monitoring

Many organizations consider that their digital footprint consists of domains, subdomains, IP addresses, etc. In reality, it is much more than you think. Employees, your mobile applications, and social media accounts left traces in cyber space. DAM helps you to discover and monitor these extended digital footprint.