Integrated Takedown (ITD)

SOCRadar Digital Risk Protection Platform's Integrated TakeDown Module is designed to act rapidly and minimize the impact of fraudsters on your brand’s reputation by utilizing its worldwide contact network to request removal.

Threat actors are attempting to gain private information of your customers or employees or to distribute malware through phishing emails, fake websites, social media profiles and mobile applications. While doing that, professional fraudsters are also taking steps to ensure that the process is as challenging and time-consuming as possible since your time is their money. Each threat comes with a different set of difficulties to fix; that's why SOCRadar examined processes to achieve the most efficient approach and fastest takedowns in each case, regardless of incident types.

Upon detection and confirmation and one-click request on the SOCRadar Portal, the takedown process is immediately taking a start on your behalf to block access to the target malicious site as soon as possible. SOCRadar also helps protect your brand by detecting and taking down social media profiles and unauthorized mobile applications through its broad network.