Global Service Providers and MSSPs

According to IDC, worldwide MSS market revenues could exceed $30 billion through 2022, yet, there are challenges to overcome, such as keeping pace with the speed of digital transformation. MSSPs need to adopt new technologies at an even quicker pace and swiftly intensify their expertise to address upcoming cyber threats.

To increase profitability and build a secure tomorrow, MSSPs need to add extra value at the strategic level to their customers. The skills shortage issue in the cybersecurity market with the dire need for better-informed decisions for the upcoming cyber threats presents a vital opportunity for MSSPs.

By Partnering With SOCRadar You Can;

  • Understand customer risks from their adversaries' perspective and use MSSP services to mitigate them, enhancing SOC efficiencies, and giving clients more notable ROI.
  • Utilize SOCRadar threat intelligence to grasp the motives, tools, and techniques of the hackers, to be one step ahead.
  • Talk straight to C-suite executives regarding the value of monitoring risk of digital assets since it associates to their company, influencing brand reputation, valuable data leakage, and cyber-attacks.
  • Use SOCRadar's robust API to unite the power of your existing MSSP services and SOC dashboards, as well as industry-leading SIEM solutions.

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