Network Services Protection

Discovering and monitoring services for any vulnerability or upcoming threat

Through automated asset discovery coverage of SOCRadar Digital Risk Protection platform, you can quickly detect devices, technologies, host assets with associated IP addresses, OS, ports, protocols and services that can leave your network open to attack. SOCRadar alerts you immediately upon cross-referencing a newly-discovered vulnerability with your unintentionally exposed asset.

Network Services Protection

  • Discover Unknown Hosts
  • Detect Unexpected Changes
  • Alerts on Severe Vulnerabilities
  • Define Alert Receivers
  • Single and Intuitive Dashboard

Network services are applications running on a host/server that provide some service to a client on another host. Network services, such as Samba, Netflow, Apache and many others provide critical applications and services that are used broadly by many organizations.

SOCRadar alerts about the latest vulnerabilities discovered on network services so the problems can be tackled proactively before turning into breaches. The alerts display CVSS score to help SOC analysts to prioritize information for enforcing and verifying vulnerability management policies linking to network applications. Analysts can handle these alerts to reduce vulnerabilities, which can be useful in strengthening existing IT security policies.

SOCRadar dashboard displays an overview of your security incidents and access to automatically discovered network services and vulnerability details. You can also tailor alert management policies to match the structure of your SOC team so that the right person is notified.

Discover all your network assets for any service interruption risk