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Digital Risk Protection Enhanced With Cyber Threat Intelligence

(*) Limited to 2 users per organization

Your Radar in Cyber Space!

Why Choose SOCRadar?


Large enterprises own hundreds even thousands of internet-facing assets. Many lose track of their digital inventory and unaware of how large their attack surface is. With SOCRadar, gain visibility on your all internet-facing digital assets and find issues even on short-term and in-development assets before attackers do.


There are billions of records breached every year. Hundreds of phishing domains registered every day. Many critical information are posted on dark web. Hundreds lines of codes shared on the web. SOCRadar monitors all the web on behalf of you to gather cyber intelligence about your company to reveal cyber threats and to monitor cyber reputation.

What Our Users Are Saying?

SOCRadar generates timely alerts and helps us to take action to mitigate cyber risk.

Cyber Security - Consultant

We are very pleased with SOCRadar. It really helps us for our SOC operations.

Cyber Security Manager - Finance

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With our talented team and highly developed automated tools, you will have a private eye in cyber space to monitor your digital assets, instantly learn any changes on them, and be aware of fraudulent activities towards your customers and employees.

Free Plan Features

Digital Risk Protection Features | Digital Footprint Discovery | Basic Incident Alerting | Basic Credential Scan | Fraudulent Domain Monitoring | IP Blacklist Monitoring | Bad URL Monitoring

(*) Limited to 2 users per organization

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