Supply Chain Visibility & Protection

Exploring digital risks and threats of your entire ecosystem.

3rd parties have been recognized as the root cause of many notable cyber breaches and are a primary target for threat actors, introducing additional risks and vulnerabilities into an organization’s environment. SOCRadar Platform allows security teams to check the digital risk of the organization’s whole ecosystem including 3rd partners / vendors and build threat models to defend against fraud networks that will damage the organization’s brand reputation.

Gaining visibility into 3rd party attack surface

Discover internet-facing digital assets of the 3rd party vendor, JV or subsidiaries to continuously monitor for digital risks without requiring any input data, instantly.

Monitor for compromised credentials of your employees

Get protected against attacks such as business email compromise by 7x24 monitoring of compromised credentials of your employees.

Identify sensitive data exposures

Leverage SOCRadar’s automated surface, deep, dark web monitoring module to monitor keywords associated with 3rd party companies in your business ecosystem.