Targeted Cyber Intelligence (TCI)

Instantly learn any data breach or information disclosure about your organization.

  • Leaked Credentials
  • Deep/Dark web
  • Public Paste Sites
  • Private Paste Sites
  • Public IRC Sites
  • Torrent and File-Sharing Sites
  • Torrent Activity From Corporate IP Addresses
  • Critical Data Obtained With Google Dorks
  • Code-Sharing Sites
  • Credit-Card Leak
  • Open Bug-Bounty Sites
  • Telegram Channels
  • Search Engines

Monitor Places Where Hackers Hang Out

Targeted Cyber Intelligence

SOCRadar’s TCI monitors extensive range of sites and channels where bad actors share information such as forums at dark web, public or private paste sites, torrent and file-sharing sites, etc. SOCRadar TCI helps you to get ahead of hackers. It alerts when any information related to your company and assets is shared or any leak (credentials, credit card info, etc) appears. Employees may also increase the risk of breach by sharing critical informations on code-sharing sites or connecting to Torrent sites. TCI also reports such activities.

  • Phishing Attack Detection & Mitigation
  • Fraudulent Domain Name Monitoring
  • Related-Domain Control
  • IP/Domain Blacklist and Reputation
  • Phishing Domain IOC Sharing
  • Phishing Domain Take-Down
  • New Domain Registration Control
  • Virustotal and Hybrid Analysis Control
  • Defacement Control

Discover Your Dopplegangers

Targeted Cyber Intelligence

Hackers create phishing sites that mimics your organization legitimate website to target not only your customers, but also your employees to infiltrate into your systems. TCI detects fraudulent domains and follows take-down procedure to remove those domains from cyber space.

  • Social Media Monitoring
  • Botnet & CC Communication
  • Targeted Malware Detection
  • Fraudulent Mobile App
  • Fraudulent Social Media Accounts
  • IP IOC Sharing
  • Hash IOC Sharing
  • Supply Chain, Channel and Subsidiary Threat Monitoring

Social Media, Mobile Apps, Third Parties, and More

Targeted Cyber Intelligence

SOCRadar’s TCI extends its reach to social media monitoring for both search company names with certain keywords and detection of fraudulent social media accounts. It also monitors cyber to detect fraudulent mobile apps. Since the data breach caused by third parties has increased, TCI monitors threats that may caused by supply chain, channels and subsidiaries.