Threat Research Center (TRC)

Threat Research Center
SOCRadar Threat Research Center (TRC) provides detailed realtime information on a broad range of cyber threats giving customers the power to get prepared for tactical and strategic responses proactively.

As threat actors level up the sophistication and persistence of attacks, traditional methods handling all threats the same become increasingly incompetent. One way to achieve a better context around these threats is days of concentrated research effort.

SOCRadar TRC Feeds focus on malicious URLs, exploit kits as well as phishing. It provides a wealth of information from the Threat Intelligence point of view and can also act as an early warning system in case of a breach. Through SOCRadar management portal, it also gives you an overview of the real-time classification of threat data by attackers' country, port, severity as well as attack type. Plus, when integrated with other cybersecurity and threat intelligence tools through SOCRadar API, you can leverage this data to not only provide context around the threat but also to initiate an immediate response to block the adversaries and share the data across your organization and ecosystem.

SOCRadar TRC Premium Service

When you need to know more, access exclusively to senior threat analysts.

SOCRadar TRC provides threat research expertise and intelligence to customers regarding Attack Tactics, Techniques, Procedures (TTPs), Vulnerabilities, IoCs, Incidents, Threat Actors or Campaignswith on-demand access for knowledge or consulting services as the need arises.